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Solar & Safety window films are widely used in commercial and industrial areas for a variety of reasons

Solar & Safety window films are widely used in commercial and industrial areas for a variety of reasons. Window film can be applied to glass either internally or externally in some cases and is low maintenance, only requiring the usual cleaning of the windows.

Safety Film

These films are widely used by Local Authorities and Schools to upgrade existing glass to safety standards. This film will upgrade the glass to BS6260 Class B standards. With the 100(4mil), 200(8mil) & 300(12mil) micron safety films you can protect retail, commercial and residential buildings, from the dangers of flying glass due to freak weather conditions, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft, and accidental impacts.

The film forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when the glass pane breaks. Various levels of protection are available to address different hazard levels.

The combined Safety & Solar films provide all of the benefits of clear films with the additional benefits of reduced solar heat, decreased glare, increased privacy and energy savings.

Privacy Film

The Privacy & Decorative films series includes matte privacy, frosted, and P.E.T embossing films that provide virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our Decorative films add a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy and glare reduction to any flat glass application.

Opal Frost is by far the most popular choice for privacy or decoration, easily fitted this film allows 80% of visible light through the film and can also be used on shower screens as it won’t be affected by moisture or condensation.

Frosted films allow good use of available ambient light while reducing visual intrusion, making them an excellent choice to enhance privacy in offices, restaurants and storefronts. Used alone or combined with patterned film, these visually appealing films can eliminate the need for blinds.

Solar Film

These films offer excellent solar control, without noticeably altering the external appearance of the glass. They reduce the incoming solar heat and glare whilst allowing through a high level of natural light.

Conventional metal films are dominantly used in commercial buildings and large skyscrapers, this only makes sense because these films are the least costly of the three technologies and perform great for rejecting heat.

Sputtered films provide exceptional heat rejection, offering up to 70% light transmittance, reducing unwanted glare and solar heat glare to buildings, homes & businesses and are guaranteed for 10 years against fading or discoloration.

Solar Bronze sputtered films add a warm bronze feel to the overall installation and offer outstanding results.