Monday, 19th of February 2018

Office: 01782 215240 | 24/7 Call Out: 0800 318 010

Monday, 19th of February 2018

Office: 01782 215240 | 24/7 Call Out: 0800 318 010


Mirror Ideology

The Mirror System was designed, driven by customer requirements, for a simple, cost effective method of producing mirrored walls for gymnasiums, fitness centres and dance studios. Of utmost importance is the requirement for the system to meet the relevant safety standards, to be robust in use, be able to be fitted on relatively uneven walls and be far more reasonably priced than some of the more expensive alternatives on the market.

The Mirror System was designed almost 20 years ago and has been fitted in hundreds of locations throughout the UK since.

Mirror Specifications

Our Mirrors are manufactured using 6mm thick Pilkington silvered Optimirror, which is a high specification mirror that incorporates excellent protection of the silver layer without the need for the copper or lead used in the conventional mirror process.

The mirror itself has a BS 6262 Class B safety film applied to the rear of the glass, which is in turn bonded to a 12mm thick expanded polystyrene cushion.

Our Mirrors are fitted to the wall using a 20mm x 44mm softwood surround, which is securely plugged and screwed to the wall. We then fit a 75mm outer softwood architrave surround as standard although we are able to offer other trims if required.

Our mirrors can be installed in either rows to cover complete walls or can be fitted individually. Where the glass sheets butt together a polished aluminium T-section is used. The outer edges of the glass are then capped off with a clear neutral cure silicone to give a clean and undistorted finish.

Because of the way Reflex mirrors are fitted it is relatively straightforward for an experienced glazier to remove and relocate the mirrors as and when required.

All our mirrors are manufactured to BS 6206 and are professionally installed by our own highly trained operatives.

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